Saturday, 10 November 2012

Still Job Hunting

It's been 4 months since my last post. Oops! So what's been happening?

The short answer is not much. I've been applying for various jobs but had no luck just at the moment. There were a couple of interviews, but nothing came of them sadly. So currently I'm still in the same place working with anaesthesia, and still loving it.

I've finally sorted my application for a postgraduate certificate in anaesthesia after a few months of people losing various forms. Hopefully I can get started on that fairly soon.

Despite steal several loaves of bread Mac is still alive and healthy. His latest conquest was an entire pack of extra strong mints which he seemed to enjoy immensely with no adverse consequences yet. It really can't be good for him.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012


I met a lovely stray dog whilst at work when he arrived to have a broken tooth removed. He was very shy at first, wide brown eyes looking sideways at everyone, not wanting to look in to eyes and challenge their dominance. The hallmarks of being in kennels at the rescue centre were obvious but beneath it all he was an absolutely lovely dog who just needed someone to love and trust. I sat with him when he was recovering from his operation and he rested his head on my knee, licked my hand and went to sleep. I like to think he chose me, but it could have been the painkillers!

Scared puppy

A few days later I made discreet enquires to the shelter as to whether or not he had a home and went to visit to see if he remembered me. He was such a different dog in his "home" environment of the centre. Waggy tail, bright eyes, interested in the environment, a far cry from the scared pup I met. And he didn't have a home. Yet.

I reserved him, but my main problem was I had nowhere to keep him. He couldn't stay at my current flat due to allergies of a flatmate. One of my amazing work colleagues already has a dog and offered to take him to get him out of the shelter and in to a normal life, on one condition - he had to get on with her dog.

On first meeting there were a lot of happy looks through the gate before we introduced them face to face. He seemed to remember me more and more, possible due to the treats I'd been feeding him when I visited. We let them play together and it was clear from the start they got on like a house on fire. Minor grumbles over who had which toy were quickly sorted out, and it was clear he loved the company.

So he came home. It's been a few weeks now. He stays with my friend and her dog but I get to see him at work most days. Soon he will be staying with me full time as I move to somewhere new. He is so much happier with a home and people he knows. He has got used to his new name, Mac, and will sit and give paw on command.

In case anyone is wondering Mac is the initials of a couple of good friends. It's also an anaesthesia acronym. But I wouldn't be that geeky...would I?

Definitely happy!

Sunday, 15 July 2012

No Interview

Well that was a little complicated! I had applied to a job in England, and was offered an interview, which I was looking forward to. Sadly someone with more experience who already lived in the area had also applied and accepted the job before I got there. Never mind, there will always be other jobs. For now there is the possibility I will stay where I am for at least 2 months, possibly 3, whilst I search for something new.

Now it's time to go find my dog and go for a walk. Thankfully it has stopped raining for the first time in weeks! I'll need to post about him soon.

Saturday, 23 June 2012


Exciting news, I have an interview!!

It's a small animal position in England no too far from Edinburgh. It's very close to the sea, and there are hills nearby as well, so it's kinda perfect. The group has a few practices, but are looking for someone to stay at their main hospital with some anaesthesia experience. Again, a little bit perfect.

So I'd work 4.5 days a week with 1 in 3 Saturday mornings also, which isn't really that tough. The rest of the time would be my own to enjoy as there is no out-of-hours work involved. Yay! There is also a house with the job, hopefully somewhere closeish to the practice so I can run in some days with the dog.

All in all it sounds great, and I'm really looking forward to being back in practice. Fingers crossed for Wednesday.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Another Break

So much for posting more regularly! What happened really was too much work. It's coming up to exams so everyone has been running around teaching students, giving tutorials etc. I've spent a lot of time in theatre still learning loads and trying new (and old) techniques to see what I prefer. I'm still planning to leave at the end of July to get a job elsewhere and I have applied for a few, but no news back yet.

This week is finals week (good luck to all the final years!) so we are emergency work only in theory as there are so many people off examining. I'm being left in charge a couple of afternoons which is just scary.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Fixed it!

I know it says if it breathes I can fix it, but one of the most recent patients wasn't even doing that recently!

We had just induced him when things went rather badly. His heart didn't have a brilliant rate, his pulses were impossible to find and he stopped breathing. Luckily I had a great team of students with me as well as some backup from other anaesthetists, nurses, students, etc.

We managed to resuscitate him and all is well once more. It was a rather hectic half hour, but definitely worth the effort.

What went wrong? He is an old boy - at least 16 years - and had lost of lot of weight recently. He had some kind of disease, although we were unsure what exactly, and were anaesthetising him for more tests. The theory is the drugs caused his blood pressure to drop quickly meaning his heart was none to happy.

No-one really knows for certain as we gave up with the tests and the owner decided to take him home for a bit before thinking what to do next. He wasn't any worse for his ordeal, after we were comfortable with his status he went back to the kennels where he ate all his food!

Thursday, 5 April 2012


I've been observing how to anaesthetise pigs over the past few weeks and come to the conclusion that pigs are amazing! I'd only spent a week working with them before when I was a student, and although it was fun we weren't actually doing anything. This time it's different.

What makes it amazing is that the other people working with the pigs really love their work too and it shows in how they interact with the animals - you can tell they care.

My favourite was a 300kg boar who wanted a scratch on the back. I stood there for a good 10 minutes scratching behind his ears and he actually fell asleep! When I stopped he started kicking the pen door until someone else took my place. It was fun!